Torcrescenza Castle

The history of Torcrescenza Castle

In a large park immersed in the boundless Roman countryside stands the wonderful Castello di Torcrescenza. The ancient residence was built in the mid-fifteenth century by the will of Francesco Crescenzi where a twelfth century tower was originally located. The castle was therefore erected and expanded following the expansion of the family which extended its properties throughout the surrounding territory. In fact it was essential to build a fortified manor in a strategic area equipped with defense systems. The Castle of Torcrescenza is also renowned for having hosted many famous painters such as Corot, Poussin and Lorrain between the 15th and 16th centuries who, inspired by its majesty, often depicted it in their landscapes. It is no coincidence that the rooms of the Torcrescenza complex are rich in paintings and works of art of inestimable artistic and historical value.

Structure of the Torcrescenza Castle

The Torcrescenza Castle has a beautiful main façade with two square towers with Ghibelline battlements. The towers are externally illuminated in the evening and shine in the darkness of the Roman countryside. At the entrance we find a large ditch that in the past could only be crossed thanks to the drawbridge. Then we enter the First Court which is the access and reception point for the guests of the ancient manor. An arch leads to an internal cloister surmounted by a loggia made of round arches. In the southern part of the structure we can visit two splendid fountains that represent the nymphs of the rivers. On the eastern side we then have a curious sarcophagus above which is an engraving that tells the origin of the source that feeds the fountains.

The most suggestive spaces of the Torcrescenza Castle

The Torcrescenza Castle offers both inside and outside a series of attractions not to be missed. Among these we have the already mentioned Cloister, furnished to host ceremonies up to a maximum of 300 people and from which you can access other spaces. For example, you enter the Chimney Room, so called because inside it houses an ancient hearth. From the north side of the Cloister you then pass to the Terrazza dei Limoni from whose windows you can see the golf courses while from the south side opens the Terrazzina, scented and full of flowers. Along the outer avenue, one cannot help but admire the Rose Garden, named in this way because it is rich in white rose bushes. On the same driveway you reach Piazzetta delle Fontane, famous for its water features and perfect for cocktails and outdoor ceremonies.

The guesthouse of the Torcrescenza Castle

During the visit to the Castle of Torcrescenza, the guesthouse right next to the main structure is also worth a look. In the guesthouse there are six elegant suites independent of each other and equipped with living room, large bathroom, minibar, air conditioning and television. For the guests then we have a dining room and a large living room while for sports lovers there is also a tennis court, gym and swimming pool. The entire guesthouse is located in large terraces that open onto the golf courses of the Rome Golf Club Park. The latter is at the complete disposal of Torcrescenza guests. To enjoy the Castle it is possible to book the guided tour of the complex or even organize events and ceremonies of any kind. Guided excursions also take place in the garden, one of the most beautiful and renowned in Italy.