Palazzo Patrizi

The History of Palazzo Patrizi

The Palazzo Patrizi, located in the heart of Rome, right in Piazza San Luigi dei Francesi, is a historic home that dates back to many centuries ago, when the ancient Patrizi family, from Siena, lived in Rome also due to the proximity of nobles and powerful Roman families with whom Patrizi was related. Among the latter, the family of the Marquises Maro stood out, representing the custodians of the famous banner of the Holy Roman Church. In fact in 1603 the famous banner was delivered directly to them by Pope Urban VIII. Subsequently, the Patrizi family, together with the family of the Marquises Chigi Montoro, resided in this beautiful building since 1642. In particular, in the rooms located on the second floor of the Palazzo Patrizi, one breathes the air that belonged to the noble Patrizi family, thanks to all that is found in them and to what is linked to the past of the historical lineage. Paying a visit to Palazzo Patrizi means immersing yourself in the evocative and "familiar" atmosphere of ancient Roman nobility.

The halls of Palazzo Patrizi

The furnishings of the Palazzo Patrizi rooms, especially those located on the second floor that are accessible to the public, are entirely original. Today they are a suggestive setting for organizing original cocktails that include a visit to the palace, but above all for other numerous events that are made more fascinating by the historical and noble context of Palazzo Patrizi. In its rooms you can organize exclusive private receptions, lunches or gala dinners, but also important business meetings. The current marquis Corso, on request, arranges private visits to all the salons and also to the picture gallery. For every type of elegant and refined reception in the rooms there is a wide choice of tablecloths, dishes and splendid floral centerpieces, made in style with the atmosphere that you intend to enhance. Even the menus, planned for dinners and lunches held in the halls, are very classy and provide a perfect match with the very fine wines that the house of the Marquis Patrizi makes available.

An unforgettable dinner at Palazzo Patrizi

If you wish, one of Palazzo Patrizi's rooms can be entirely dedicated to you and your intimacy with your partner. You can spend a romantic evening for two in the magnificent setting of an ancient place where art and history are at home. After having made a suggestive private visit at the picture gallery, you can have dinner, only with the dim light of a candle, listening in the background to a magnificent music played live, all to create, for the couple, an unforgettable and exclusive evening. The dinner is refined and unique, as the menu is elaborated by the chef according to your particular requests and personalized down to the smallest details. It is also possible, on request, to choose a kosher, organic or vegetarian menu. To complete and make the dinner more tasty, a wide, refined and fine selection of wines is available, chosen from among the most suitable and belonging to the house of both the Marquis Patrizi and the Marquises Frescobaldi.

Cooking classes at Palazzo Patrizi

In the Palazzo Patrizi high quality cooking classes are organized. The Marchioness Elisabetta Patrizi Montoro will directly lead the participants, up to a maximum of 10 per course, in making traditional dishes. In fact the cooking classes at Palazzo Patrizi are dedicated to those who wish to deepen the main culinary traditions belonging to our culture, in the perfect setting of the ancient Italian noble palace. We organize complete courses or intensive courses lasting one or two days in which It is possible to investigate a particular topic such as meat or fish menus. At the end the participants will taste together the dishes that will be served in the dining room of the Palace, accompanied by the exquisite wines of the house. All culinary experiences include a guided tour of the salons by the marquis Corso Patrizi Montoro and a walk in the traditional market of Campo dei Fiori to learn about local specialties. A demonstration lesson and a presentation of the main wines of the menu will also be held. Those who join will receive a recipe book and a book on the Patrizi family.