Rosa baccara

The origin of the baccarat rose

The rose baccarat is the creation of the French leader in the hybridization of roses, Meilland-Richardier, the most awarded in the world. The Meilland family began the cultivation of roses already at the end of the 19th century, later joining Richardier, who was also a great producer of roses. Thus was born a large company, Meilland-Richardier, with a research and creation center that places it among the top five main breeders in the world. In 1956, after a few years of testing on sample productions, the baccarat red rose was born, well known for its velvety petals and widely distributed until the late 90s. Today it is less cultivated because it is too sensitive to changes in humidity that causes the early fall of the leaves and generates fungal diseases. Currently Meilland has also stopped its commercialization by focusing instead on the variant, now much more widespread, black baccarat.

The baccarat rose being a hybrid has sterile seeds and reproduces by cuttings. In the mild climate areas cuttings are made in November, in those with a more rigid climate in September, covering the plant in winter with an anti-freeze cloth. It is advisable to buy the plant directly from a nursery, but if you want to try to reproduce it through cutting, use rooting powder. The soil must be of medium mixture, well drained and fertilized with organic substance such as manure. If you want to plant the plant in the garden, look for a place where there hasn't been another rose before, otherwise the rooting will be difficult. Roses leave toxins in the soil that counteract root growth. Pruning takes place in winter during the vegetative rest period. Watering must be regular, but the flowers and leaves are not wet because it would favor the onset of fungal diseases. In fact one of the greatest difficulties in the cultivation of the rose baccarat is to be particularly subject to attacks of the most varied parasites. This vulnerability is the cause that has caused its lower diffusion in the last period.Rosa baccara: Curiosity

The reproduction of the baccarat rose, as per Community Laws, was owned by its creators Meilland-Richardier until 1975, producing about 25 million specimens whose sale took place only through authorized distributors. There black baccara it is the rose that comes closest to absolute black, and it strikes for its unnatural beauty that emanates charm and mystery. According to the language of flowers, to give baccarat roses it means deep passion, eternal love, that's why for a while they were the most used roses to make bridal bouquets. Given the long-lasting characteristics of cut flowers and the particular iridescent color to black, in recent years on the occasion of the death of one's beloved, it has become customary to make crowns with baccarat roses as a seal of eternal love. This obviously led to his disuse as a bridal bouquet. If you want to give a woman this beautiful flower, as a testimony of eternal love, you need to pay attention to the sensitivity of the beloved, and in case of doubt limit yourself to a stem or a little more, to prevent your message of eternal love from being read from her perpetual love.