Homeopathic products

Homeopathy and dilution

According to homeopathy, our organism has the resources necessary to regenerate itself, but sometimes it needs help to accelerate the process: it is here that homeopathic products come into play that introduce the same substances into the body that caused the infection but in very diluted form. Dilution is a fundamental concept in homeopathy so that the substances used are diluted more and more times in order to eliminate the possibility of toxic effects. But how then can homeopathic products be effective despite being infinitely diluted? Thanks to the process of dynamization or by shaking the bottle containing the homeopathic substance so that it binds to the water molecules that surround it. The dilutions are generally measured in CH and are divided into: 4/5 CH or low dilutions, from 7 to 9 CH for medium dilutions and from 15 to 30 CH for high dilutions.

How to choose the right homeopathic remedy

Unlike drugs, homeopathic products turn out to respect the individual needs of each person so much that, for example, for the same disorder there are various substances that could have different effects depending on the individual. It is therefore up to the homeopath or their trusted herbalist to indicate the most appropriate product according to the patient's condition and disorder. Precisely for this reason, before relying on a homeopathic product based on positive reviews from friends or relatives, it would be better to rely on an expert who will advise you best after a careful interview, especially if you are approaching homeopathy for the first time. The choice of the remedy will therefore concern two fundamental points: the type of disorder to be treated and the organism of the individual (starting from the assumption that each individual diverges from the others in many factors).

Positive effects of homeopathic products

Compared to drugs that guarantee a faster recovery, homeopathic products certainly require more time being more mild but guarantee long-term benefits and above all without side effects or toxic. Homeopathy is a tailor-made remedy and therefore is more able to resolve certain disorders not only by eliminating the symptoms but by trying to solve the problem at the root. Thanks to the lack of toxicity, homeopathic substances do not weigh down the liver and kidneys leaving them free to work and thus contribute to self-healing. All these factors guarantee the prescription even to children in complete safety. Not least, homeopathic products tend to focus on the health of the individual and not on the disease.

Homeopathic products: Homeopathic remedies also for premenstrual syndrome

Being products without side effects, homeopathic products can also be used by women to reduce the pain and irritability of PMS. Some substances used by the homeopaths are in fact able to reduce those small disorders that all women well know, more than others. Hypersensitivity, the desire to eat crap and the pains typical of those days will find relief by taking special substances. For premenstrual convulsive hunger and irritability, for example, Nux Vomica (better known as Noce Vomica) is useful, to be used even in the case of irregular menstruation. If instead the problem is the headache better to use the Natrium Muriaticum that nothing but sea salt. Lower back pain? Discontent? Anger? Nothing that cannot attenuate Sepia, a homeopathic substance that acts on negative psychophysical symptoms. In short, there is no equal homeopathic product for all women but it is necessary to choose the most appropriate one based on symptoms and our body.