Vineyard tractors

Vineyard tractors

Vineyard tractors are specialized means suitable for working vineyards or in any case working where the working width or maneuvering space is very small. Usually the rows of vines measure 1.30 m, but in some cases they reach 1.50 m; therefore this type of machinery has reduced dimensions, especially in width that rarely exceeds 1.30 m; containment of dimensions is possible thanks to the use of relatively small wheels and tires. A fundamental requirement for a vineyard machinery is the ability to perform maneuvers in confined spaces; in fact brands like New Holland have adopted new technologies regarding the optimization of the turning radius, with the increase of the angle of the wheels and also the displacement of the front axle with respect to the latitudinal axis of the tractor. The only flaw of these means is that the reduced dimensions do not allow to face very demanding jobs, in fact they were not designed for this. Another negative aspect is the excessive prices on the second-hand market, given that demand is increasing visibly.

Substantial differences

The differences that characterize vineyard tractors compared to other types are mainly the dimensions; in fact if we analyze an orchard tractor we will see that it differs in the widths that often reach a 1.65 m. But there is another "race" of machinery called crawlers: they are machines equipped with tracks instead of wheels, which greatly improves traction and increases their weight, making them more stable; the turning capacity is much better than a rubberised one, since it has the possibility of blocking only one track by rotating on its axis. Another type of vineyard tractor is the articulated isodiametric tractor; it is equipped with isodiametric wheels (they all have the same diameter), with steering through an articulated joint, which is positioned in the center of the tractor. This allows this type of vehicle to make turns on slippery surfaces, which with a conventional vehicle it will not be able to do because it will tend to pull straight for the poor grip that will give it, for example, very wet ground.

Main features

In the beginning, as soon as the vineyard tractors arrived on the market, the powers were very low, rarely exceeding 35/40 hp. With the advent of new technologies, the powers abundantly exceed the old maximum ceiling arriving quietly at powers of around 100 hp. This was possible thanks to the introduction of electronic management applied to the engines, which today boast very high torque powers, containing displacements; this allows the installation on this type of machinery, which, as mentioned before, must be very agile and small. Of course, they mostly have four-wheel drive and differential locks that allow you to work in poor grip conditions. The gearbox is normally manual, with various combinations; usually we find 5 gears in three different ranges: reduced, normal, fast; to these is added the reverser which acts as a multiplier as well as making the reversal of the direction of travel more convenient. The hydraulic lift is another important companion of the cultivators that allows the coupling and the handling of the tools.

Vineyard tractors brands

There are hundreds of tractor brands, but farmers always tend to opt for the purchase of famous and reliable brands. In fact, nowadays farmers look for machines with fast and satisfactory assistance; a stationary car is synonymous with losing money for them. The most popular brands that occupy the top positions worldwide are many, but among these we mention: John Deere, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Antonio Carraro, Landini and many others. Their policy is to respect the choices and preferences of potential customers, always trying, from model to model, to improve performance, safety and comfort; this justifies the price lists, which exceed many times 50,000 for a small tractor. The choice is arduous, given that the various houses compete with each other to give the best possible product, but the choice is now driven by tastes and sympathies given that today's quality is very high throughout the market.