Pompadour herbal tea

The Pompadour herbal tea company

Pompadour is a company in Bolzano born in 1964, as a subsidiary of the Teekanne group (the 1st company in the world producing tea in sachets). Since then a great deal has been done and this road has led the Pompadour company to reach a high quality level, so much so that in 2000 it obtained the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, bearing witness to the genuineness of the product and the attention that the company caters to its customers. The Pompadour company has tried over the years to improve more and more, thus arriving today to offer an innovative product made with the best raw materials. In fact the crops from which it produces herbs, flowers and fruits are highly controlled: the crops undergo approximately 250 checks to ensure that any presence of pesticides is excluded. The Pompadour company was also the inventor of the double-chamber filter bag. Thanks to the special raw filter paper, that is a paper not subjected to chemical whitening, the filter bag can effectively spread the aromas during the moment of infusion. Let's see in detail the Pompadour herbal teas and their properties.

Pompadour Teas: Digestive and Regularity

The Pompadour Digestive herbal tea, as the word itself says, helps the digestive system to carry out its functions more easily. It is made with rooibos, the African red tea, considered the national drink of South Africa. Its antispasmodic and digestive properties help the intestine in its functions, so as to be ideal for children who suffer from disorders or nausea. Associated with the rooibos we find fennel and anise. Famous ingredients to facilitate the digestive process. Peppermint, blackberry and licorice leaves were added to flavor the Pompadour Digestive herbal tea. Pompadour Regularity herbal tea is composed of fennel, licorice, rhubarb, plum and mauve. The first, however, is present for one third of the total weight of the product. In fact, fennel acts as a stimulant on the stomach and intestines. This property gives it the ability to promote digestion and reduce the phenomena of swelling, belching and flatulence. This is not only for adults, but also for children who, at an early age, are subject to terrible gas colic.

Pompadour Tisane: Draining and Line

The Pompadour company could not but think of the female universe and offered the Drenante herbal tea and the Linea herbal tea. Although the names have changed, the mixtures have remained unchanged. Let's look at them in detail. The draining herbal tea stimulates diuresis to facilitate the expulsion of excess fluids. So water retention will have no escape. The 3 ingredients of this herbal tea (equiseto, birch, solidago virga aurea) have as their main property, in fact, the diuretic one. A concentrate to combat the hateful water retention, of which obviously you will not have to abuse, especially if you are following a treatment with diuretic drugs or against hypertension. If losing weight is your goal, you can add the Pompadour Linea herbal tea to the draining herbal tea. The latter has the ability to calm the sensation of hunger in a natural way, favoring a greater sense of satiety. All this thanks to the presence (over 50%) of the green mate, a plant known for its calming properties and for its satiating effects. Starting a diet today will not be as difficult as before.

Pompadour herbal tea: Purifying and Relaxing

If what you are looking for from an herbal tea is to feel good about yourself, then the best choice will be the Purifying and Relaxing teas. The Depurativa herbal tea is composed of dandelion, curcuma and chamomile. Dandelion has diuretic properties, is rich in potassium and favors the production of bile. You understand well its effects on our intestines, in particular on the liver. It is also ideal for excreting cholesterol and reducing its absorption. It has been associated with turmeric, a spice used in the kitchen that underestimates its beneficial properties, such as the regularization of blood circulation. And if we think of chamomile, which has always been used as a sedative for the intestine, drinking a Depurativa herbal tea is a wonderful gift for the well-being of your body. If, on the other hand, you like to enjoy moments of calm, the herbal tea that suits you is the Pompadour relax herbal tea. Valerian, lemon balm, mint and lavender flowers are all ingredients that act on the mind and body, relaxing and relaxing them, as well as promoting the elimination of stress. When you are agitated, anxious or nervous, drinking a cup will be a blessing.