Honda mower use

Honda electric mowers

Among the solutions offered by Honda there are also electric models. Perfect for small gardens, they have no major maintenance costs. The powerful and reliable engines vary from a power of 1100 W to 1600 W to 230 V. The choice of materials for the body varies from ABS plastic for the basic model to steel for the model with a cutting width of 40 cm . The acoustic comfort of these models is superior to that of petrol engines which makes them the ideal choice to reduce the risk of disturbing noise and the low weight makes them extremely easy to handle. It is capacious, safety systems make them suitable for use even by inexperienced people. Always with an eye on cleaning the vehicle that must always be in order and efficient.

Honda petrol-powered lawn mowers

Honda offers a wide range of lawnmower models suitable for both professional and private use. Honda uses the skills gained in the automotive and motorcycle sectors to offer innovative solutions to serve its customers. Particular attention has been paid to designing silent vehicles, with low emissions, comfortable and ergonomic to use. The starting of the motors is simple controlled directly from the handlebar, the 4-stroke engines with overhead camshaft vary from 150 cc up to 160 cc of the basic models. The cutting width varies from 40 to more than 50 cm for the most powerful model. All mowers are equipped with an automatic engine braking system in the event of a stop that eliminates risks for the operator. The tank allows good autonomy of use even of 2 hours.

Honda professional lawnmowers

Honda lawn mowers for professional use are built using the experience of the brand in the construction of gardening equipment. They are suitable for large surfaces and allow cutting of weeds and tall grass, they are equipped with a motor brake to work in even high slope conditions. There are models with basket for grass collection or with side ejection of the mowing. Equipped with a large cutting device (up to 60 cm in the top model), steel body, adjustable handlebar, large diameter wheels. The weight of these units varies from 30 to 77 kg. The engines are 4-stroke, with overhead distribution, power and comfort of use are guaranteed by avant-garde design, attentive to ergonomics and the health of the user. The tank allows great autonomy of use up to 2 hours of intensive use.

Honda mower used: Honda robotized lawn mower

Honda has always been at the forefront of robotics. This experience has moved into the new range of robotic Honda mowers. Equipped with a durable lithium-ion battery pack, these models are able, thanks to sensors, to independently cut the grass. Connection to the mains is necessary only for recharging the batteries. Once loaded, the mower creates a virtual map of the garden, decides the cutting frequency and provides automatically. This model of lawn mower does not have the grass collection basket that is shredded and left on the ground. The cutting frequency is lower to avoid jamming and the finely shredded grass also acts as a natural fertilizer for the lawn, helping the growth of the grass and preserving the natural moisture of the soil. The fact of returning organic matter to the lawn does not affect its aesthetic appearance, which will always be excellent. The models are suitable for gardens of 2200 square meters up to 3000 square meters.