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The refractory cement barbecue

The refractory cement barbecue is first and foremost a heavy object which, during use, will tend to become very hot and emit smoke: for this reason, before installing it, to avoid structural failure or, worse, that someone gets hurt, it is necessary to identify the most suitable place to place it. The ideal is to place the barbecue on a rigid horizontal base, made of concrete, concrete or similar, capable of withstanding intermperies. Another fundamental point is to make sure that there is adequate ventilation: the fumes coming out of the barbecue in fact not only could annoy the neighbors, but also harm one's health if inhaled in too high concentrations. A good fire prevention, with a fire extinguisher always at hand, together with the certainty that there are no flammable objects or furnishings around the building, complete the minimum safety requirements. After making sure that the work can be carried out safeguarding everyone's safety, it is time to choose the barbecue that suits us best.

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Refractory cement barbecue models

It is very easy to find a pre-assembled refractory cement barbecue. The prices are extremely variable, they can even reach several thousand euros, yet it is possible to find extremely basic models for a hundred or so euros. These are not particularly scenic objects which, on the other hand, are very undemanding to install and which can still give good satisfactions. Obviously we are talking about the low end of the market: the models with hood, double hood, wood logs, charcoal compartment and even pizza compartment or compartment for bread making are quite another thing. If, although you have visited several DIY centers or garden supplies, you have not identified the barbecue that suits you, you can always opt for the purchase of individual components (top, brazier, base, hood) to be assembled at your place will. It is even possible to buy only some pieces, such as a refractory cement hood, and complete the barbecue with bricks or other construction material.

Assembly tips

Taking a refractory cement barbecue home is perhaps the simplest part of the job that awaits you. Placing it, fixing it and proceeding with the first use may not turn out to be a walk. Better to rely on expert hands: a mason will take a few hours and give you a job done in a workmanlike manner. If your finances do not involve the intervention of a professional, you can think of putting yourself to work on your own: a watchful eye for instructions, concentration and a good dose of elbow grease will certainly lead you to a good result. An excellent idea is always to fix the pieces that make up your concrete barbecue securely and safely: even a small shift due to a tempering overhang can eventually turn into a potential hazard. Finally, remember to buy the materials you need for the first lighting: wood, chimney irons, grills (almost never included in the barbecue) and materials to facilitate fire.

Concrete barbecue: Advice for the first ignition

After the first installation, wait at least 4 days before using your barbecue. Check that there are no cracks and gradually turn on the barbecue going from a smaller fire to one of greater intensity. Avoid flushing so as not to give rise to structural failure (cracks). Never use alcohol to light the fire and never leave children or pets near the barbecue. After use, do not spit fire with water, but let it run out by itself. It is a good idea to cover the barbecue when you are not using it, especially in winter. Never use your barbecue to incinerate household waste: a large number of toxic substances could be released into the air. Always buy quality timber and materials, possibly untreated: contact specialized shops for more advice on how to organize a perfect barbecue with friends without running into errors or dangers.