Stihl brushcutter

Description of Stihl brushcutter for grass cutting.

The Stihl brushcutter is a tool suitable for both light and heavy work, in fact the range of brushcutters offered by the company is of various types. In particular, it can make use, thanks to its rotating end, of cutting blades, suitable for forestry use, for small branches or small plants; and of threads that thanks to the speed of rotation, impacting against the grass, cause a clear and precise cut. This machine can be equipped with a "beat and go" head, which means that the gardener can work without ever stopping, if only for refueling. With the new four-stroke engines that best respect the environment, you forget to fill up. In short, these heads offered by the famous brand are able to let the thread that is consumed escape with the abrasion between thread and stones encountered, between thread and grass, between thread and twigs, with a simple tap on the ground.

Countless accessories for brushcutters

The accessories to be combined with the brushcutters of the brand are innumerable, it can be used for any type of work, domestic or not. The special tool for cutting dry grass is a steel blade with eight sharp teeth, and is available in 250mm and 300mm. The steel bush knife is a three-pointed blade, suitable for cutting thorny hedges; in addition to the shredding knife, with two blades, to be used only with the special cover. The blades used for cutting tall weeds are 3 types: blade with 2 grass teeth, 4 reed teeth, and 40 teeth for stronger grass. Circular saws are another feature of the brushcutter, as they allow, in their variants, to gradually cut down ever larger young logs. It starts with the circular saw with pointed teeth, the one with gouge teeth, and finally with the hard metal one resistant to the maximum stresses.

Different uses for brushcutters

The brush cutters of the famous company have various types of use: from the hobby for gardening; for the restoration of an old shrub-infested garden; for the cleaning of the streets, where the grass grows on the eyelashes that prevents the meteoric waters from flowing into the ditches. In any case, the Stihl brushcutter is the master; in fact, while large tractors are prevented from cutting grass, this, with its small size and extreme manual ability, makes it the best. Other uses can be those of simply having to clean the hedges that delimit your villas and your buildings. In short, this tool is an equipment that everyone should have, because only having it you can understand all the advantages.

Stihl brushcutter: Brushcutter consumption and its environmental impact.

The four-stroke engine is the only one in the world fueled with a mixture. This new STIHL 4-MIX engine is able to take back all the advantages of the two-stroke engine by exploiting the four-stroke technology: lighter and more compact than the traditional 4-stroke, it produces far fewer harmful exhausts than a comparable 2-stroke, so there is a significant lower environmental impact. At the same time, these equipments with similar engines have less sound than others in the category, providing a significantly higher torque. Furthermore the consumption of these machines is particularly convenient as it has been reduced by 20% compared to their predecessors. A decrease in exhaust gases up to 70% less than a two-stroke engine; to these reduced consumptions also the way to start the brushcutter, without backlashes, and with a truly feminine success.