Jonsered chainsaw

Jonsered chainsaw

A Jonsered chainsaw has features that facilitate its use and pollute as little as possible, as well as having a special purification system to automatically eliminate dust and sawdust, preventing it from accumulating inside the machine. The type of engine has been designed to reduce emissions of environmentally harmful exhaust gases. Each model is equipped with an anti-vibration system that dampens the vibrations making the use of the machine less tiring. There is also a primer, a small pump whose purpose is to quickly send the fuel to the engine to facilitate starting. All models are equipped with an inertial activation chain brake to ensure greater safety in use. Some models are equipped with a side chain tensioner that facilitates chain adjustment.

Jonsered chainsaws

The Jonsered chainsaw models can be divided into three categories: machines for full-time forks, which are real professional chainsaws, usually used by forest operators and professional gardeners and pruners, those for part-time forestry use, which include semi-professional models therefore suitable for both professional and hobby use and finally there are models for occasional use, very suitable for cutting firewood and pruning small trees and domestic shrubs, this last category also includes electric saws. In all three categories there are some pruning models, designed for maximum versatility when pruning trees so that they can be gripped even with one hand.

Jonsered chainsaw prices

Jonsered chainsaws are available in different price ranges depending on the type of machine. The models for hobby use and those for semi-professional use usually have a price ranging from 200 up to around 1000 euros or a little more, those for professional use can reach prices sometimes exceeding 1000 euros. What affects the cost of the machine is the size and above all the engine capacity and engine power, as well as the length of the bar. The pruning models have prices ranging from around 300 to around 500 euros, as well as those equipped with an electric motor while the other machines usually have higher costs. The cost may also depend on the type of seller where the machine is purchased. At some retailers and in some online sales sites it is possible to find some offers at affordable prices and often are supplied with some useful accessories for the maintenance of the chainsaw.

Jonsered chainsaw: Types of Jonsered chainsaw bars

Jonsered chainsaws mount bars specifically designed to limit kickbacks and painted with paints that make them resistant to wear and scratches making them therefore very durable. Jonsered has also recently introduced a new type of laminated bar, lighter and made of alloy materials. The advantage of this type of bar is that it holds the bends and therefore if a cut is made in a position at risk for the bar and this bends it immediately resumes its shape without causing any damage. Among the longer bars there are some with replaceable tips, this makes it possible to replace the tip only if the gear in it is worn, in this way you can use the same bar without having to replace it in full .