Electric scissors

Electric pruning shears

Recently, more and more efficient and faster garden equipment has been designed. Among these it deserves a place of considerable importance, for the excellent results it offers, the electric shears in various models and with reasonable prices. The new models are faster, more precise, lighter and more powerful. These features are important for performing pruning jobs that require some precision and reduce working time. The most advantageous aspect concerns the autonomy of the battery which can even reach twelve hours of work. Most of the latest generation models have a display with battery charge indicator, they have an electronic board protection system in case the connection between the scissors and the board is accidentally severed. Prices are higher than those of traditional scissors that have a shorter battery life time.

Electric pruning scissors

The electric power supply system that characterizes a new technology scissor allows you to cut thick branches and perform a perfect pruning through a very small effort and reducing processing times from 35 to 40% compared to pruning performed with traditional tools. In addition to accuracy and speed, the fatigue of those who use them for work or DIY is really less. In the pruning of olive groves and vineyards is indicated and has a long guarantee. In the olive groves, instead, the electric chainsaw is indicated because it is more suited to the activity. The prices of a professional and light electric scales range between 1300-1600 euros. The price is related to the type of battery combined with the relative backpack or belt. On the market, you can find cheaper products to evaluate carefully and understand the use to be made of them. Shopping centers, agricultural stores, garden shops and DIY stores are provided with numerous models with various prices.

Electric pruning scissors: cleaning and maintenance

The use of electric shears involves two important activities that are cleaning and maintenance. After use, it is good to keep them in a dry place, clean the blades of tree residues or vegetation in general and dry them with a rag, being careful not to get hurt. Rust could ruin the blades if they are not dried well. The sharpening must be periodic, both because the work carried out is carried out optimally and because in the event of an injury the resulting cut is less dangerous. When not in use, it is advisable to remove the battery cables to prevent oxidation. The advice to clean them is given by the sector experts who indicate how to challenge them before buying, to verify their conformation and the model suitable for their needs. If they are to be used daily for work purposes, it is important to choose the model that has the comfortable and ergonomic handle and weight. Having spare batteries is another useful piece of advice that professionals adopt to avoid having to interrupt the work in progress.

Electric scissors: the electric field shears

The pruning of orchards, olive groves, citrus groves, parks and gardens requires a particular precision activity for which the tools must be powerful and fast. The campagnola electric shears are the most widely used for these jobs: they have mobile blades with maximum opening and the closure is automatic. It is equipped with an operating lever and cuts branches up to a diameter of 40 mm very quickly. The opening and closing mode can be adjusted according to your needs. The new technology models are equipped with a lithium battery and have an autonomy of 15 hours that allows you to carry out the work throughout the day and recharge it at night. It is undoubtedly a very powerful and fast electronic scissors. The handle must be ergonomic with a non-slip rubber insert. It is a professional tool widely used by gardeners and farmers.