Zanon bio shredder

Shredders machines

Founded in 1964, the company Zanon di Campodarsego (PD), is a leader in the production of agricultural machinery Made in Italy. Always focused on the production of specific equipment such as: flail mowers and round balers, destined for the processing of cultivation residues, it produces shredders for the autonomous recycling of the bioavailability of waste materials and for domestic and industrial composting zanon shredder It is equipped with a professional cutting system, with very high quality blades and knives, designed to chop any type of branch, pruning leftover, leaves and cut grass. The range of grinding machines in different electric and petrol versions includes small machines size, while in the medium and large sizes the best petrol engines are fitted.

Agri-food processing

The group realizes innovative agricultural equipment, destined for processing in the fields and for the care of parks and gardens. With an inclination towards bioavailability and biostabilization, the company produces chippers and shredders capable of shredding dry branches and leftover pruning , also of large dimensions and reduce the volume of waste up to 5/6 times. All the equipments are equipped with a blade and knife cutting system, according to the specific use. The strength of the company's production is in the zanon shredder, conjugated in different sizes and in a wide range of models, with high performance: from BIO 2, 3, 4 and 5 shredders, both electric and petrol, to BIO 6, available with two different engines and in tractor version, up to large BIO 140 and 155 machines, able to carry out shredding work on elements up to 50 mm, also destined for food processing.

Small size shredders

If you own a large garden you have certainly considered the idea of ​​self-managing the waste material, from the mowing and pruning work that you are forced to throw in the municipal compost bin, intended for the collection of the organic. The problem is that for autonomous recycling, it It is sufficient to dedicate a corner of your garden to the composter, it is necessary to follow the correct procedure for the decomposition process of the waste elements, anything but discreet towards your neighbors. The most adequate solution is the one that can be given by the shredder zanon, available in the electric and petrol version. The small shredders are able to quickly shred waste material, which thanks to its immediate bioavailability, can be dispersed directly on the soil of your garden.

Zanon shredder: shredding fibrous materials

The Bio 140 T agricultural machine is the Zanon bio-shredder of large dimensions and high power, efficient and with an eclectic connotation, it is able to perform various activities. Intended for agri-food processing such as: grinding sugar cane and corn, BIO 140 T It is widely used in cereal crops. Suitable for chopping treatment, it is operative in the tobacco treatment phase, as well as in the shredding of leftover prunings and fibrous materials, used directly as fertilizer, for composting or to be conveyed to pulping and paper mills. With its group cutting up to 50 mm, consisting of the cylindrical frame, on which 8 adjustable blades and counter-blade are mounted, can be adjusted according to the needs of grinding, cutting and shredding.