Paterlini chain pruner

Features of the Paterlini chain pruner

The Paterlini chain pruner is part of the category of oil and wine tools. It serves to deprive the plants of dry or superfluous branches of the plant, that is to say they yield. This tool is innovative, recently introduced on the market; in fact the first tools of this type were pruning chainsaws with petrol engines. Later came the backed pruners with telescopic rods. With the advent of pneumatic pruners, operator comfort has certainly increased. In fact there are no longer those annoying fumes emissions that in the long run are harmful to the body. This tool works through a rotating pneumatic motor similar to the one used on percussion tools like demolition hammers. To work it must be connected to a compressor.

Use and prices

The use of this tool involves the dependence on a compressor, which is normally the one that is connected to the power take-off of a tractor and is the same that is used to connect rods for olives. From the compressor starts a tube suitable for the passage of compressed air, therefore it must be appropriate; while on the pruner we will find a coupling typical of pneumatic tools, that is pressure. You will notice the ergonomic handle with operating lever, which opens the valve for the passage of air and the consequent start when it is activated. In front there is the cutting body: it is formed by the pneumatic rotating motor with "AIR PLUS" technology; the oil tank for lubrication. The price is around two hundred and seventy euros.


The Paterlini pruner, being a tool with moving parts, needs careful and accurate maintenance, to avoid a possible break that forces a stop that lengthens the delivery time of a job. Maintenance of a pneumatic tool is not a feasible thing for everyone, because they are sophisticated and delicate and must be tested with special equipment to measure the operating pressure. The only thing the operator can do is a thorough cleaning and an eventual sharpening, which can be carried out with rod files available in the specific shops. To avoid malfunctions, the parent company always recommends using high quality lubricating oil; in fact, the use of a poor product can create breaks and yield drops.

Paterlini chain pruner: Jack chain saw

The top model of Paterlini chain pruners is called Jack 10 "; it is a manageable tool and has become indispensable in the care of plants. It is able to cut branches with a maximum diameter of thirty centimeters. This allows professionals to treat long-lived plants that they have not been pruned for years, and without resorting to complementary tools.The Paterlini Jack 10 "chain pruner respects all European safety regulations, which are very strict in the workplace. It can be prepared with a telescopic rod attachment; this allows it to be used on very tall plants without using ladders or ladders, thus reducing the risks for operators. This tool has now become a cult for professionals who consider it almost indispensable; but we must always respect the rules dictated by prudence to avoid turning a valid ally into a bitter enemy.