Shredder rental

Shredder rental

The shredder rental allows you to have this machine available even for just a few days a year. This machine is used to grind branches, resulting materials obtained from mowing the lawn and cleaning hedges, small branches and leaves pruned by hedges in spring or late winter. For this reason in many cases this tool is used only for a few days a year, typically in late winter or autumn, while in the remaining days it is left in a garage or cellar. Given that I shredders are expensive machinery, which can be sold at prices above 500 euros, the shredder rental allows this equipment to be used even by those who cannot afford to purchase it.


On the market we find several models of shredders; generally those for domestic use have an electric motor, so as to produce a low noise, for use in gardens positioned between the houses. The most powerful and efficient models have instead a combustion engine, or can be connected to a tractor or a rotary cultivator. Electric shredders can generally grind only small branches and foliage; instead the petrol engine models can grind branches with a diameter greater than 3-6 cm, so that all the trimmings of hedges or fruit trees can be transformed into tiny pieces. Renting one of these tools allows you to use very effective models, with a powerful internal combustion engine, so as to be able to shred all the waste produced in the garden; for many people these tools are sold at inaccessible prices, this can be a less expensive solution.

Rent a garden machine

Many garden centers or DIY stores offer their customers a wide range of rental machines; these are generally expensive equipment, which can be sold at prices above 1000 euros. It is usually possible to rent a day or a half-day, and can even cost around 50-60 euros for a whole day; clearly it is necessary to be able to transport the machine to your home, but then it is possible to use it at will. Generally in a medium-sized garden the use of a rented shredder for about a day may be sufficient to shred all the waste produced by pruning. So this is an interesting formula for those who use machines for short periods and only sporadically, since the cost is decidedly limited.

Use the shredders for hire

When you rent a device you can be sure that it has been subjected to all the necessary checks and maintenance; once the rented shredder has been brought to our home, it will be sufficient to turn on the engine and use it to produce chips or waste to be composted. It is essential to follow all the safety rules, wearing glasses and gloves, so as to avoid accidents caused by the handling of various types of green material. This machine is an easy to use equipment: it has a hopper, within which the waste to be ground is positioned; under the hopper there is a series of blades and hammers that mince and chop what is inserted in the shredders. If necessary, it is good to regularly remove the resulting material from under the hopper, so as to allow the new product to fall back comfortably. Avoid over-filling the hopper, or you risk that the blades and hammers get stuck due to the large amount of material inserted.