The garden is a green surface that must be properly cared for and cultivated. Inside, in fact, shrubs, plants, lawns and other plant species thrive, which, if not taken care of properly, can get sick and even die. The absence of care in the garden also results in a shabby appearance of the entire outdoor space, in the drying and yellowing of grass and plants and in the presence of useless weeds or weeds. To get rid of all this and everything that negatively affects the aesthetics and health of the garden, you need specific tools. The aforementioned tools can be manual, electric or powered, and they all serve a single purpose: to perform garden maintenance and care work. The number of garden tools depends on the type of work to be carried out and the area to be cultivated, but also on the type of cultivated plants. If, for example, there are many shrubs in the garden, it will be necessary to use pruning tools, while if there are fruit trees, it may be necessary to use tools for the grafts.
  • Aerators

    All models and features to be evaluated by scarifiers to find good advice when you intend to buy a scarifier for your garden maintenance work ... go to the Scarifiers section
  • Manual tools

    If you are looking for new garden tools in this section you will find very interesting ideas and useful news for your maintenance jobs… discover them through our articles… go to the section Manual tools
  • Oil and wine tools

    The oil and wine to be made require special equipment both for cultivation and for harvesting and for processing. Here are the main equipment on the market and their best features ... go to the section Oil and wine tools
  • Shredders

    The shredders are tools that shred the biological material and the garden waste such as small branches, leaves and other vegetable waste and can be very useful in reducing the volume and quantity of dirt produced during the maintenance of the garden at home ... go to the section Shredders
  • Compressors

    The compressors are useful tools for many home chores and even in gardening they can be fundamental to make the machines work or to carry out maintenance work ... we discover the models and their characteristics ... go to the Compressors section
  • Brush Cutters

    The brushcutter is a very important tool for the maintenance of the most difficult areas to manage such as the lawn edges and the garden areas that are difficult to cut with normal machines. Here is a review of the models and their characteristics ... go to the Brushcutters section
  • Secateurs shears scissors

    Scissors, shears and saws are as simple as they are essential tools to perform many jobs in the garden such as pruning and they must always be sharp and in order to avoid creating damage to the plants ... go to the section Scissors shears
  • Pressure Washers

    High-pressure washers are indispensable machines for cleaning external surfaces such as pebbles, marble tables and outdoor tiles and in this section you will find an excellent overview of the different models ... go to the Pressure washers section
  • Cultivator

    For large surfaces or for garden and agronomy enthusiasts who want to do things big, rotary cultivators are a great resource, able to save time and effort for those who use them ... go to the Motor-cultivators section
  • Electric chainsaws

    Electric chainsaws are very comfortable for a series of garden jobs such as simpler pruning, small felling and small cuts and have several advantages, the first of which is the lower price than that of petrol-driven chainsaws ... go to section Electric chainsaws
  • Chainsaws

    Chainsaws are an indispensable tool for cutting down, cutting and pruning. There are different models depending on the displacement and the length of the blade and in this section you will find extensive in-depth information to get the most out of brands, maintenance and tools… go to the Chainsaws section
  • Pumps

    Pumps are often essential tools in the garden and in agriculture. The uses are the most disparate and thanks to our insights you can learn more about brands, models and special features ... go to the Pumps section
  • Lawnmower robot

    Lawn mower robots are one of the recent inventions in the field of gardening that is greatly simplifying the management of lawns. These robots are able to perform the lawn cutting in complete autonomy ... discover the features ... go to the section Robot mowers
  • Stairs

    An indispensable tool in home maintenance jobs and gardening are the stairs. The stairs allow us to do pruning at high heights, to fix the creepers and many other indispensable and important interventions ... go to the Stairs section
  • Blowers

    Blowers and vacuums are two tools that simplify many delicate operations such as collecting leaves or cleaning the garden after cutting or pruning ... we discover the best models ... go to the Blowers section
  • Log splitter

    The log splitter is a very useful tool after having made wood, with which you can cut and split the trunks with a very limited effort and with a good productivity per hour while remaining at hobby level ... go to the Log splitter section
  • Fertilizer

    There are fertilizer spreaders of different shapes and different prices, but they all have the same function: spreading nutrients that are important for plant or lawn growth on a plot of land ... go to the Fertilizer section
  • Snowplow

    Cutters and snow plows are very useful accessories in the winter months, especially in mountain areas where it often snows. Here are some models, features and ratings to help you choose consciously ... go to the Snowplow section
  • Trimmer

    The edge trimmers are indispensable once the cutting with the mower is finished to define and cut also the areas and the corners of the lawn in which we cannot reach with the lawn mower… go to the section Tagliabordi
  • Lawnmower

    The lawn mower is an indispensable machine for turf maintenance. There are electric models and models with internal combustion engines and both have strengths and weaknesses ... let's find out which ones with our insights ... go to the Lawnmower section
  • Hedge trimmer

    Hedge trimmers are a special tool with two toothed bars that, by sliding back and forth, are able to cut the branches of the trees by acting as a tear. We see strengths, defects, characteristics and maintenance of the main models ... go to the Hedge trimmer section
  • Garden tractors

    An accessory that can be very useful in gardening and agriculture are definitely the tractors, which in some cases can even be indispensable. Here are some models and some tips on tractor maintenance ... go to the Tractor section