Video pruning

Pruning is a cultivation technique that consists in making cuts to the branches of plants. Some operations also include operations other than cuts, such as the topping, or the removal of the apical buds, the tipping, the elimination of basal suckers (branches) and the budding, removal of the side buds. Some parts of the plant can also be removed manually. All the methods and techniques of pruning are described in detail in the "video pruning" section, another excellent video resource of our magazine to learn how to prune any type of plant. Each single video lasts about two and a half minutes, a very short span of time in which the methods of cutting different plant species are shown. In the section you will find videos dedicated to the pruning of vines, fruit trees, hedge vegetables, roses, azaleas, rhododendrons and many other plants. Also videos of a generalist nature are very instructive, namely those dedicated to particular types of pruning, such as the winter one or the one suitable for autumn plants. The videos are also accompanied on the sidelines by textual contents that follow exactly what was said in the multimedia file. These are highly specialized contents and videos, because they are dedicated to learning different cutting and pruning methods. The art of removing some plant parts must be practiced with extreme care and with the right tools. Our videos show how to proceed, which shears and scissors to use, when and how to intervene. In the videos, the parts to be eliminated are highlighted, such as branches and dry leaves or other vegetative parts that are removed, they can restore new vigor to the plant. With the video guides you will learn to prune the faded roses, the ornamental and fruit trees, the climbing hedges, deciduous or evergreen. By carefully observing the files, you may perhaps discover that the hedges are not all pruned in the same way and that some operations are even similar or identical to those for other plants. Only careful observation of pruning techniques allows you to really learn how plants are pruned and treated. The time spent to watch all the videos in the section will also give you more skills, helping you to become true masters of pruning and above all to prune without damage or mistakes. Incorrect pruning or imprecise and violent cuts can in fact frustrate the objectives of this technique, which instead serves to repair damaged plant parts and make the plants healthier, fruitful and luxuriant. As for pruning for decorative or aesthetic purposes, we can to say that it represents a real fascinating and original world. With shrubs, works of art are made! This is the aesthetic pruning that allows professionals to transform plants and trees into geometric figures, characters, symbols, cones, spirals, spheres, etc. The artistic skills of "workers" depend in particular on the instruments and tools that are used. Making an original and defined cut is not impossible, but you need to know the right techniques and get some experience in the field. It is not a modern invention but on the contrary, it has ancient origins. The first to practice it were the Persians to then pass to the Greeks and the Romans. From there, thanks to the charm and beauty of the creations made, the techniques and the passion spread to the present day where we can still find these particular creations in the best Italian gardens.