Apartment plants

Plants composition

In the world of plants and gardening we talk about composition when we have to make decorative combinations between different species of plants. The composition may include different species or similar. In all cases, the main purpose of the same is to obtain a particular decorative effect. The composition can be fixed or mobile, in vase, in open field or with cut flower. The fixed composition is the full-field one, where the plants are juxtaposed to decorate an outdoor area more or less large and usually coinciding with the garden. The movable compositions can be either in vase or with cut flower. Those in pots, especially if the latter is large, can also be fixed and may be placed indefinitely on the terrace, on the balcony or in the garden. The mobile compositions are identified, instead with the decorations that are made during special events or anniversaries, such as weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. The mobile compositions can include cut flowers, in which case you will talk about a bouquet of flowers or bouquets, or plants in small or large vases to give as gifts for business openings or buying a house. Therefore, creating a plant composition presupposes a careful evaluation of the purpose and the use that it must have. The composition of garden plants will have to take into account the season and the environment in which the external space is located. In a temperate and arid climate zone, succulent plant compositions can be created. Many succulent or fat species have beautiful blooms that can further enhance the decorative value of the composition. Some tropical species are suitable for apartment compositions. Tropical plants are easy to grow and they can all be planted in the same pot and in the same soil. Combined according to criteria of good taste, tropical plants, with long green leaves and their abundant blooms, are able to enrich the aesthetic appearance of any interior. Aromatic plant compositions can also be created on the balcony and terrace. Usually rosemary, thyme, basil, fennel, savory, mint, fennel and sage are combined. The flowery compositions are used to create bouquets of flowers and bouquets or to give a color tone to hedges, borders and flower beds. Those who love to give floral arrangements that last forever can also choose dry or fake flowers.