Types of modern roses

The modern roses are that set of varieties of roses obtained by man since the end of the 800 thanks to a series of numerous crosses between different varieties of ancient roses, with the aim of finding new types of roses capable of blooming more long, better and possibly even more times a year. In fact, through modern roses it has been obtained from hybridisers a type of roses much appreciated from the ornamental point of view and often even more rustic and resistant than some old roses. One of the most appreciated aspects of modern roses is without doubt the ability of these varieties to flourish several times during the growing season. Unlike ancient roses, in fact, modern ones do more than bloom in optimal conditions and this makes them more appreciated in terms of decoration because they are able to make a better aesthetic contribution to the garden. Here are some of the most popular varieties of modern roses: modern shrub tea hybrids, ground cover, English, polyantha, floribunde and miniature.