Question: kiwi

hi have the kiwi female plant that does not bear fruit as ever? what should I do?

Answer: kiwi

Dear Barbara,
I apologize but your question is so brief that I cannot contextualize the situation. Because, if you have a single kiwi plant that does not bear fruit, and is female, then only the male is missing to pollinate, even if I don't know if it does at least the flowers. How long have you owned the kiwi plant? Because if it is very young and has never bloomed, it could simply be a problem related to age. If, on the other hand, you have a single female plant that does not bear fruit, within a group of well-developed and fruit-bearing kiwi plants, then it could be a problem related to grafting (replace the plant with a new one) or at the young age of your Kiwi. If, on the other hand, you have a kiwi male and a female, who does not produce it, the problems could be many. The first thing that comes to mind is excessive nitrogen fertilization: kiwis are very vigorous plants and produce a lot of vegetation, if you encourage this behavior by stimulating it with nitrogen fertilizers, in the end you find yourself with a lot of leaves and no flowers or fruit . Try to use a complex, slow-release fertilizer, rich in phosphorus and potassium, and with a low nitrogen content; however, avoid excessive fertilization: a single supply of fertilizer in the fall may be sufficient. Or it is a problem related to pruning: if you can excessively or not at all the kiwi plants you could go to diminish the yield, even if I think it unlikely that the prunings can lead to zero fruit. Or it could be a problem related to watering: kiwis like bright, but not too sunny, locations with fairly regular watering. These creepers produce a large root system, which develops very superficially; for this reason they are heavily influenced by temperature changes and shortages or excess watering; for this reason we tend to water in the summer every 3-4 days, in order to avoid leaving the soil dry for a long time. Even in this case, however, it seems strange to me that your plant does not produce flowers (if so, because you do not say so in your request); rather it considers that the waterings are fundamental above all in spring (even if the nature usually helps us with the rains) and at the moment of the fruit setting, that is when the flowers are pollinated and the small little fruits begin to develop. If in these periods your plant is not watered, or on the contrary is kept constantly soaked, then the lack of fruit is due to incorrect watering.