Question: daisies

I've seen flowers that look like big white daisies, instead seeing them up close, they're fat succulent plants, you know how to call them and where I can find them. THANKS

Answer: daisies

Dear Mario,
among the succulents that produce flowers that are more reminiscent of daisies, I am reminded of the various covering or hanging aizoaceas, very common in Italy, even as plants for pots on the terrace; they produce a drooping vegetation, with thin pendulous stems, which bear small, fleshy, linear leaves, or made up of articles of different shapes, always fleshy, often blue-gray, which make the plants decorative even when they are not in bloom. I hardly saw a variety with a white flower, because usually the flowers of these plants are in the lathes of pink and lilac, but the taste for these plants has spread an increasing number of varieties, so much so that now they can be found in white flower , yellow, red orange. More than daisies, the small flowers are very similar to those of the September stars: they are in fact heads, or inflorescences very similar to those of the asteraceae, with a central disk made up of tubular flowers, devoid of petals, and a perimeter external consisting of tubular flowers that have one or more petals, in a contrasting color compared to that of the tubular corolla. There are various species of aizoaceae that you can find on the market, once they were all called mesembriantemi, now the species has been divided into various species, including aptenia, lampranthus, delosperma, oscularia, and others, that despite the names a little difficult are plants easy to find in the nursery. Of course, if you want to have a plant completely identical to the one you've seen, it won't be easy for you, as there are so many hybrids, and with flowers of different colors; the only way is to detach a piece of the plant you admired, and try to root it in a vase. As with most succulents, propagation by cuttings is very easy with these plants, just take a twig, and place it on the surface of a vase, exposed to the sun and watered only when the soil is dry. The problem lies in the fact that these plants are more beautiful and showy the longer their branches are; therefore you will have to wait several months before obtaining from a cutting a large and luxuriant plant, and above all full of flowers. Try looking at internet pictures of the plants I suggested to you; if you have not hit the plants that you have seen, try to take a picture of it and send it to the editorial office, with a photo it's easier, especially when it comes to succulents, that is thousands and thousands of different plant species.