Garden furniture

Garden deckchairs

The decor of the garden

A neat and tidy house requires that the garden, whatever its size, be organized in a functional, aesthetically pleasing and tastefully furnished way. Flowers and plants of different types and with different origins can mix with elements of other kinds, such as tables, gazebos, sculptures, statues, deckchairs. The garden can become a place of peace and regeneration, where you can spend a few relaxing hours, perhaps reading a book or enjoying a fresh drink. The garden can also become a meeting place with your family, friends, or your partner. It is therefore important to make it cozy and comfortable. It is therefore a priority to carefully choose the furniture to be used. In fact, there are several possibilities, but a comfortable and functional garden cannot not contain comfortable sun loungers. The deckchairs can be of different types; they may differ in shape, material, appearance. The possible combinations with the rest of the garden furniture are many, but sometimes, choosing products composed of similar materials, gives a more orderly and sober air to the environment. Which deck chairs to choose? There are deckchairs and beds in steel and iron, built with different types of wood, with very colorful fabric parts. The choice depends solely on the taste of the buyer and his desires and changes depending on whether you want deckchairs with a more traditional style or deckchairs with a more modern and contemporary taste. The deckchairs can be lighter and easier to fold, so that they can be easily transported, or heavier, ideal for being held permanently in the same place.

Deck chairs in aluminum and iron

The deck chair made of iron is a type of deck chair with a more traditional character. Since the Renaissance, nobles and members of the upper middle class found it very pleasant to stop and chat in the garden in the company of family and friends, enjoying the pleasure of being outdoors on special aluminum deckchairs of many types, of fine workmanship and different designs, especially in the traditional and baroque styles. With the passage of time and with the changes in fashion and style, even garden deckchairs have evolved and become comfortable outdoor loungers, as in the case of aluminum sun loungers. The classic garden deckchairs and the iron sunbeds are not very different from each other, both serve to stretch out in the open air, to enjoy some moments of relaxation, to rest and even to tan during the summer season, or, always in season warm, to enjoy the shade of a tree. The difference is mainly focused on the design: an iron bed has a more current style, even if we must not forget that there are different types of aluminum beds that reproduce a more traditional design. It is up to the purchaser to choose between a bed or a deckchair, in iron or aluminum, according to their needs and in harmony with the furnishings of the rest of the garden. The various furniture shops and the various online catalogs offer a very wide choice of options. respect, to be able to meet everyone's tastes.

Wooden deckchairs

The garden deckchairs can be built using different types of wood. A type of wood that is well known and widely used for its excellent qualities is Teak. Teak is a material widely used for the creation of furniture for outdoor environments. Teak wood lasts much longer than other types of wood, does not undergo the action of mold, insects and natural phenomena such as moderate wind and rain. The presence of oily resins within it keeps its fundamental characteristics unchanged over time, minimizing the need for maintenance. This material can be treated in different ways or left natural and depending on the way it is treated, it varies the aesthetic effect produced on the deckchair. Obviously Teak is not the only type of wood that can be used in the construction of a deckchair (for example, ash wood can be used).

Other types of deckchairs

The garden deckchairs can also be made of plastic. The plastic has several advantages: it is not a very expensive material, it has a relative resistance, the choice ranges between the most varied colors and the most varied forms, it is very simple to make it clean in a short time and without too much effort. Some plastic deckchairs have very modern and modern shapes.
A type of deckchair with a more traditional and slightly less widespread appearance is the straw deckchair, present in different colors, usually in shades of brown. Sometimes the straw fills, in this type of seating, the spaces left empty by a wooden structure.
Finally, the well-known and widely used fabric deckchairs cannot be mentioned. They usually have a structure in rigid material and a large portion of seat in different types of fabric, usually very resistant, colored and easy to clean, sometimes waterproof.

Garden deckchairs: garden furniture: Relaxing chairs

They are not just any chairs, they are the chairs you normally rest in summer or spring, those that when you put them away is almost winter and when you put them back it means that spring has arrived.
The deckchairs represent the comfort of being able to almost stretch out without efforts to lie down.
Today there are some completely ergonomic models that also allow the support of the head and legs, which can be extended almost completely.
Together with the bench it is one of the first outdoor furnishing elements that have begun to evolve up to the chaise lunge and the most distant cousins: the sun loungers.
The garden deckchair is perhaps one of the basic models that first started to animate the life of the garden itself. Today we have garden lounges and chaise lounges, a sort of evolution of the deckchair, which still remains an indisputable element in terms of aesthetics and comfort.