Question: geranium

I have a beautiful geranium transplanted in a pot for about twenty days that suddenly shows yellow edging with leaves that turns quickly to brown. Can I know what this is about? Thank you very much. Fulvia

Answer: geranium

Dear Fulvia,
It is probable that your geranium is slightly suffering from repotting, which has caused a slight vegetative stress; within a few days, the problem should stop, leaving no permanent damage to the plant. The leaves that turn yellow from the edge may, however, also be caused by imbalances in watering: the geraniums are plants that tolerate drought well, even prolonged; but a recently repotted plant will suffer for a few weeks, due to the repotting precisely, which certainly went to touch (and possibly even damage) part of the roots. The best way to allow the geranium to recover is to cultivate it in the best way; first of all, I hope the plant is in a nice large vase, so that it has all the space it needs; in addition to this, it is good to choose for geraniums a very well drained soil, which allows the water to drain away without retaining excessive quantities. The geraniums bear the drought, yes, but it is still necessary to water them, to have them always flowered and luxuriant; water preferably in the early hours of the morning, wetting the soil well, more or less every 3-4 days in the height of summer. The frequency of watering depends on where they are positioned and where you live: if they are in full sun for many hours a day, you will have to water them more often; if you live in an area with cool night temperatures, you can water them less. In general, they are watered when the soil has remained completely dry for at least a day. Avoid leaving the soil wet for a long time, and also to leave the plants to themselves, watering them only sporadically. Every ten days, add a dose of fertilizer for geraniums or flowering plants to the watering system. The damaged leaves should be removed immediately, so that any rot or fungus cannot pass even to the neighboring leaves; in addition to this, by removing the foliage, you favor the production of new and healthy leaves.